The Team.


Andrew Bender.

I am a second year masters student at RIT in Electrical Engineering and autonomous robotics. My role is programmer. I work as a system analyst at Prince William County service Authority. 

Matthew Reichley.

I am a junior studying Mechanical Engineering at George Mason University and I am the team manager. In the future I hope to work with programs specializing in STEM outreach.



Matthew Sharp.

My major is "Engineering". I build things. I'm going to build humanoid robots with my major.

Helen Caron.

I am majoring in Technology education and mechatronics. I plan on helping build the robot and use my degree to further my career at Lockheed Martin or become a Tech Ed teacher. 



Daniel Diaz.

I will be graduating from NOVA in the year 2020. I plan to major in Mechanical Engineering , and pursue my dream of working with cars and or robots. I will be helping build and design the 15" robot.

Kyle Hall.

I am a junior at George Mason University, majoring in Mechanical Engineering. I serve in the role of social media manager for the team, I hope to specialize in autonomous robotics and bionic prosthetics, and bringing robotics solutions to real-world problems. 



Billy Denham.

I am a computer engineering major at George Mason University. On the team, I work on the engineering notebook. I plan on becoming a network or systems engineer. 


I am a freshman at George Mason University, scrubbing my way to an extreme cleaning major. My role on the team is to ensure the field is spotless, so the other bots don’t have to. One day, I hope to use my expertise to clean the Battlebots arena and maybe even compete in a match or two.